On Order (Bespoke)

On Order (Bespoke)
On Order (Bespoke)

Talisman Design

At the beginning of our civilization, jewellery was the prerogative of emperors, hierarchs and aristocrats. Today they are widely accessible to all of us. Jewellery is emotional objects. That is, they can create feelings like a few other gifts.

They can express true love and romance, they can inspire faith and hope. (wedding) Jewellery can honor a lost life, celebrate the arrival of a new life. Jewellery can strengthen a friendship. Jewellery can become mementos to commemorate great moments over time, to take back memories of our loved ones and special moments that we enjoyed together.

The composition of materials, the combination of their internal structures and their external geometric shapes, create symmetries and harmony that give them properties. The jewellery combines the harmony of the diagram with the balances of light and shadow in an infinite world of forms and color.

‘Inside the Place lies the whole and the whole is the Part.’ (Talisman Design)  


Whether your plans are large or small, before each order we start with a discussion. We use this time to listen to your needs and understand exactly what you want to achieve. Then, we will come back with some of our own tips and suggestions, which we can confidently offer 25 years of experience. If what you want doesn't require a complete on-demand solution, we'll let you know. If what you want is a variation or addition to your own design or jewelry no problem. With state-of-the-art technology at our headquarters, often a change to an existing design or choosing the right gem is all that is needed. When we have done our research and together we have identified exactly what needs to be done then we have the best way to proceed. At VeniKonos we first create the idea for a new jewelry or a jewellery collection and then we use a variety of techniques to produce it. We can create your design on paper or use a computer-aided 3D design program (CAD) to produce it.
Being on the same wavelength when it comes to finances is vital, and so we like to be honest about determining the cost of any project. Each order is unique and therefore we can use our knowledge to modify design or material elements to help you find the best solution for your budget, whatever it may be. While we are happy to cut costs, we never settle for quality, so you can be sure that the final product will be a top choice.
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